Affirmation – what’s that ?

Affirmations create our Word. In my opinion they are brilliant tools which can boost our lives, they can also change our personal beliefs. People don’t oftenrealize, what is sitting inside them. You need to dig very deep if u want know what’s truly happening inside you.  I’m also stillworking on it, and I know I still have a long way to go, but more important is that I see the progress that I am making. We create an affirmation to direct our mind straight ahead in our aims and desires, instead of leading our minds towards negative scenarios.                                                                                                                            To my way of thinking it’s a great way to get through with problem in life.The human mind starts to manifest those things we are focused on. In adulthood we react toeverything, based on previous experiences,let’s say for example a woman has a deep conviction that every men in the world sucks… There u go “You just get what you said” literally, so be careful what you are thinking about.  I can prove that through my own experiences, once I wanted to be number one for some guy, but after a few weeks I deeply regretted my decision and I had enough, because he wanted lock me into a golden gate with no space and no air – so I said very fast“see ya”(I hope I never met you again, lol).

Now, to the point, using positive affirmations gives u back control of your mind and the information it receives. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your mind and lets you flood with positive information which will change you for the better. An affirmation opens the door. In essence you’re saying to your subconscious mind that you’retaking the responsibility for your life, and u can consciously choose the word which u want to live in.

You need to realize that every time you get angry, you’reaffirming that you are angry inlife. If you feel that life isn’t giving you what you want, then its certain that you will never have the goodies that life gives to others, until you change the way of you think.

How to start?

It’s simple, you to need create some positive sentences about things you want to change for the better, and read them once or twice a day, until you will be sure thatit’snot only some sentence but what you are reading is pure and true.

The subconsciouscan’t recognize the difference between past and the future, everything is NOW, and soeverything that you will write needs to be written in the present. One of my affirmations/sentences is that “I have my own business”it’s in the present, so I deeply believe that I am working on it, day by day, step by step. Youcan’t make a sentences like“Iwant to be happy,” you need to make like“I am happy NOW.” If you’re actually in a hole or something, just think about what you can be thankful for. There are a lot of things you can be grateful for,let see: your home or flat, clear water, air, food, friends, clothes, your physical function or free will.

And last but not least, you need to feel it, you need to believe in it. You need to be 100 % sincere to you yourself, if you aren’t, it’s won’t make any sense.  And don’t use the word “Not” in youraffirmation, because the subconscious always ignore it, I mean if you create an affirmation like “I’m not sick” – it’s a bad, instead of that, use something positive such as“I’m very healthy.”

And don’t try to control things, just be open tolife’s opportunities, and try to remember that something new and exciting is waiting for you around the corner.

Be on a roll – FLOW

This is the post excerpt.

When time is running out without being seen, or time cases to exist and u don’t care about it – it can mean you just experienced  FLOW in your life.

What does that mean exactly ?

Its mean that you’re getting lost in your task, 100%, you are missing the rest of the world, nothing else  matters it’s kind of free movement.

Flow gives you a lot of good and positive energy and you become more aroused, in this case you’ just can forget  that you were tired, powerless etcetra.

But before that you need to learn how to leave your worries behind you.

Very often flow is catching sports people during their training or competition, the same with passion and people who like their jobs. Mind you it works with enthusiasm at full speed, though this  is more efficient/ productive plus we can really enjoy that.

You can get flow even during cleaning, I experienced it not once, add good music and headphones, I could do that all day when I have a vein.

Sex is also a very good example,  In this case people literally can lose themselves during it, they can just focus on the pure pleasure , and becoming a sex God and sex Goddess , the only thing that matters is the right here and now.

If you have different opinion, just go right now,  and fuck with your partner – I guarantee you, you will agree with me, if not,  it will mean your partner is not good enough in bed for you, or there is no chemistry between you two.

You can also experience flow, during an interesting conversation with someone, which has happened to me several times. Once upon a time I went out with a guy and we spent 5 or 6 hours sipping wine, and talking about life, I didn’t notice when people came in and out of te bar, I totally forgot about my phone, and the next day I realized I felt my ass because of  the uncomfortable chair in the restaurant  lol

Flow for me is like feeling relaxed, happy, excited, feeling enthusiastic, having energy without thinking what is going on around me.

Now, when I look back, I’ve just realized how many opportunities I’ve wasted, I’ve had my proverbial brakes on too strong, but now I know, sometimes we should loosen up, because the real  emotions and fun begin when we are able to add some gas, then we can have some sort of spontaneous experience, we are more open to exploring the world, and we can meet interesting people.

I remember when I was 19, I went with my friends to my new student flat in Poznań which was really sleazy. When we arrived at the train station, we looked at the  train timetable and among others we drew our attention to the train to Kołobrzeg ( Polish sea ), but the Party in Poznań was our priority, so we picked the club at the center, we had a lot of fun and then went back to the ugly flat, and then we reminded ourselves about the Polish sea, so we took what we had (not much ) and some weird blankets from the flat and we went caught the train to Kołobrzeg. eventually when we got there we put our blankets on the sand and made some cozy place for us. When we arrived there was some old lady at the station with a placard saying “rooms available” so we went with her, and we had a really great time on the beach.  For some people this may not be a big deal, but I had really good memories of  those days, because we just went with the flow, having a spontaneous adventure.

And I still want to catch a train or plane or go on a walk somewhere, anywhere where my hear desires, not thinking of where I’m going. I hope it’s gonna be sooner rather than later, but I will let you know about it 😉

Why is it so exciting and beautiful?

At times like these, you can focus on the present, without making any scenario in your head, because you can’t control anything, and that’s the magic of it 😀